Lineage 2 Revolution Tips

Lineage 2 Revolution Tips

Lineage 2 Revolution Tips – Important Aspects

How To Create A New Clan?

If you want to be a clan leader, then you can create a new clan by completing two requirements:

  • Your gaming character should be at least Level 10.
  • Pay 50,000 Adena for creating a new clan.

Once created, you cannot change the name of the clan. However, the clan emblem can be changed by spending Diamonds. There are three kinds of clans that can be created:

  • Public Clan: They are open to all gamers. Anyone can join the clan immediately and without waiting for approval from the clan leader.
  • Private Clan: Anyone who wants to join has to submit a request to the leader. If the clan leader approves the request, then the player can join it.
  • Join Level Restriction: In order to join the clan, there is a level restriction that needs to be met by players. However, the clan leader can send direct invitation to a player. In such situations, the restriction will be overruled.

You can only apply to a single clan at a time. If you want to apply to another clan then the previous request that has been made should be cancelled. As per your preference, you can leave or rejoin a clan at any time. However, a penalty will be imposed for some time, which will restrict various clan actions. In such situations, you won’t be able to participate in fortress siege, receive check-in bonuses, clan donations, clan dungeons, and much more.

HP Potion:

It is a consumable item in the game, which is red in color. It can help in restoring some HP for your gaming character. You can purchase additional HP Potions from the in-game shop by spending Adena or Red Diamonds. HP Potions are available in bundles of 20 to 200.

MP Potion:

Similar to HP Potions, MP Potion is also a consumable item in the game. It can help in restoring some MP of gaming character. You can buy additional MP Potions from the in-game shop by spending Red Diamonds or Adena. Just like HP Potion, MP Potion is also available in form of bundles of 20-200.


It is a consumable item in the game. While casting a skill or attacking an opponent, you can consume 1-3 soulshot, to enhance your abilities. The soulshot icon is accessible above the skill bar. You can tap the icon and switch it on or off as per your preferences. Depending on the grade of your weapon, you will be provided a fixed amount of soulshots that can be consumed for each attack.

What Are The Best Places To Farm?

There are innumerable dungeons and locations accessible in the world map of Lineage 2 Revolution game. You can farm for monsters on each of them. However, there are some places that will give you better rewards. You can make use of the auto-combat feature of the game but remember that the feature is not active when your gaming character is logged out of the game. Also, you should make sure that your gaming device has sufficient power while attempting to farm for longer periods.

A suitable monster to farm should be close to your gaming character’s level. This will ensure that you are able to defeat the monster quickly and acquire the XP that the monster drops. Moreover, if your character is 4 or more levels higher than the level of the monster then the XP awards will be dropped rapidly. So, your gaming character needs to be close to the monster for acquiring the XP.

Some of the XP that you can acquire by farming are Monster Cores, Quest Scrolls, Red Starstone, Proofs of Blood, etc. These items can enhance your gaming character completely. Moreover, they will even help in granting bonus stats and completing sub-quests in the game. For instance, by farming Arachne at Level 25, you can earn PoBs and Arachne Core. At Level 46, farm Ant Soldier and earn party spot. When you reach Level 112, the Doom Servant will drop Jonadan Core and Quest Scrolls.

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Classes In The Game:

There are four in-game races and in these races you will come across 24 individual classes. Each of these races has three basic classes, which are Mystic, Warrior, and Rogue. Once you progress up to Level 31 in the game, the Class Transfer Quest will be accessible to you. Under each race, you will come across six sub-classes, which have unique skills and ways to fight. Listed below are some of the finest classes of the game:

Treasure Hunter: He has low health and middling attack, but is very fast and allows decent leveling when partnered with a tank.

Paladin: He has very good attack and defense skills, which makes him effective in dungeons. He is extremely balanced and can take control of several situations easily.

Hawkeye: He is a perfect class to be used for harassing group of opponents. Although he is not good in direct combat, but his critical strike skill can deal final damage effortlessly.

Silver Ranger: He provides high attack skills as well as high range, which makes him perfect for grinding. However, you cannot use him in dungeons as he lacks control skills.

Shillien Knight: He is perfect for leveling and PvP as he provides high damage and HP. However, he lacks in healing powers, so cannot be used in dungeons.

To conclude, make use of our guide and enjoy playing Lineage 2 Revolution game!

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