Lineage 2 Revolution Quests

Lineage 2 Revolution Quests

Lineage 2 Revolution Quests – Easily complete them

In Lineage 2 Revolution game, you will come across various kinds of quests; namely, Main Story Quest, Sub-Quests, Daily Quest, as well as Weekly Quests. By completing a quest, you can earn XP and Adena, which is the primary currency of the game. Here is a comprehensive guide on the types of quests of Lineage 2 Revolution game:

Main Story Quests:

The main story quests will take you to the world of Lineage! You can check out these quests by clicking on the quest menu. In case you get stuck up on a quest, the quest indicator will guide you where you should perform your mission. There are several episodes in the main story quests. These episodes are based on a particular area of the game map.

You will come across many chapters in each episode and these chapters will contain 10-12 smaller quests. As you keep progressing with the quests, you will get to know the main story of the game. Examples of some episodes are Giran Dominion, Dragon Valley, Wasteland, West Talking Island, etc.

Daily Quests:

You can complete up to 12 daily quests every single day. Once you complete them successfully, you will earn a good amount of XP and Adena. The amount of currency that you earn will highly depend on the grade of the quest that you have completed. In each quest, you need to complete certain tasks that are allotted to you. However, if you are unable to complete the tasks then the quest gets completed automatically after a span of time. The best feature of the game is that you can still claim your rewards. The duration for automatic completion of a quest depends on its grade.

At a particular time, you will come across only three quests. If you feel that the quests are of a lower grade, then you can refresh the list so that you can get high graded quests that will make you earn greater rewards. However, you can refresh the list only three times in a day for free of cost. Additional attempts to refresh the list will cost you 15,000 Adena.

If you want to refresh all free quests slots to the highest grade then you can do that by spending 160 Red Diamonds. The rewards that you earn by completing quests enhances with grade and even by an increase in your gaming character’s level. Some examples of daily quests that you will come across in the game are Unstoppable Growth, Trophies of War, Basics of Missions, Super Power, etc.

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Weekly Quests:

Some of the tasks designated for a particular level that you will come across in weekly quests will be wiping out certain amount of monsters, winning the battle with a boss monster, etc. When you complete the weekly quest, you will be able to earn high amounts of XP and Adena in comparison to what you earned by completing daily quests.

You can participate in several weekly quests in a week and by completing certain number of quests, you can earn additional rewards. Each day you can complete up to 15 Weekly Quests; however, only one quest can be active at a time. If you want to complete your Weekly Quest quickly, then you can consider spending 50 Red Diamonds for completing the current active quest instantly.


Once you reach Level 20, you can start the sub-quests by using the sub-quest scroll at the inventory. You can either purchase these scrolls from the game shop or acquire them by hunting monsters. There are different ranges of scrolls available in the game like C-grade quests, S-grade quests, etc. You can start five sub-quests each day for free of cost. If you want to start some more quests then you need to spend 50 Red Diamonds.

At a certain time, there can be only one sub-quest active. If you attempt to start another sub-quest scroll with a scroll currently active then the previous one will get cancelled automatically and one attempt will be lost. By completing a sub-quest, you will be able to earn plenty of Adena, HP potions, and some Soulshot charges. The rewards that you earn are based on the level of the sub-quest scroll that you are attempting.

So, complete these quests and enjoy your Lineage 2 Revolution game!

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