Lineage 2 Revolution Guide

Lineage 2 Revolution Guide

Lineage 2 Revolution Guide On Earning Currency

If you want to succeed in Lineage 2 Revolution Game then you should have complete knowledge about the in-game currencies. Mentioned below are the various ways to earn each currency of the game:


Adena is the primary currency of the game that is required for upgrading various equipment and items. Some of the ways to earn Adena in the game are mentioned below:

Hunting monsters
Signing to the game daily
Completing numerous daily quests, weekly quests, sub-quests, achievements, and daily activities.
By entering Adena dungeon
Selling all extra and unnecessary equipment


Diamonds are the special currency of the game, which are divided into two types – Blue Diamonds and Red Diamonds. Both of them can be generated with Lineage 2 Revolution Cheats.

Blue Diamonds:

You can purchase Blue Diamonds by spending real world money. When you buy items from the game shop by spending Blue Diamonds, you will even earn Mileage Points as rewards. Blue Diamonds is the only currency that can be used in trading post and this is the only way to earn them too. All those items that you can sell on trading post are marked with a Blue Diamond in the bottom right corner. Some of the bundles that can be bought with Blue Diamonds are Login Diamond Bundle, Strengthening Gift Bundle, etc.

Red Diamonds:

Red Diamonds are freely available in the game by performing certain tasks. However, you obtain them in very less quantities all through the game. You can buy several items in the game that will help in upgrading your gaming character. You can even spend Red Diamonds for buying additional attempts in arena, high-grade equipment boxes, auto-completing elite dungeons, re-rolling equipment stats, refreshing sub-quests, and much more. In case you are falling short of Red Diamonds to make a purchase in the game then you can make use of Blue Diamonds to pay the balance amount.

Some of the ways to earn Red Diamonds in the game are mentioned below:

Completing daily activities
By acquiring higher ranking in Arena
You can even earn them daily in the Arena, which depends on your current arena ranking.
Earning as a reward by completing a quest in the main quest line.
Some days you can earn them as a login bonus.
Earn 30 Red Diamonds every day by completing daily tasks and acquiring 200 Activity Points.
During some important events, the developers of the game award all gamers with Red Diamonds and Adena.

So, earn these currencies by using our Lineage 2 Revolution guide and have a great time while playing Lineage 2 Revolution Game.

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